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Jack Sargent

Jack Sargent

Jack died 3/26/2010 in Montauk, NY.  His obituary can be found online below in the East Hampton Star or as a .pdf at the bottom should the online obituary be removed.

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03/24/11 09:38 PM #1    

Jackie Martin (Campbell)

I am so sorry to hear of Jack's passing. It seems he developed a wonderful life for himself, except for the last few years. What happens to some people? Why do some of us have to spiral downward? Why does life have to be so hard sometimes?  My heart is sad that he has left us. My best wishes to his family. I remember Jack as slightly shy but still with a cute sense of humor and mostly smiling.  Blessings, Jackie Martin Campbell

03/24/11 09:39 PM #2    

Deborah Taylor

The last time I saw Jack was in 1970 when I worked for the Navy in Washington DC.  He and I were returning from Michigan and ended up on the same flight.  Unfortunately we never met for the dinner we promised to have before he shipped out.  Miss you Jack - God Bless!!

04/04/11 10:06 PM #3    

Diane Beneteau (Attilio)

Jack's obituary brought a tear to my eye. It sounds like he made quite a difference in his short time here. His life story would make a nice little movie.

04/05/11 12:21 PM #4    

Marlene Miruzzi (Dull)

I remember Jack as being a little guy in the halls of Lowrey. Then Ernie & I saw him at one of the reunions, I'm sure it was one of the earlier ones, perhaps 5 or 10 yr. Jack grew! At least 6 ft. tall. I was so happy to see him! Asked what he did to grow so tall. He said "good clean living!"

04/06/11 01:44 PM #5    

Rick DeMayo

It was sad to read of Jack's death.  I remember Jack as a quiet and pleasant classmate.  I was suprised to read that he had grown to about six foot tall.  God, he was so small and slight.  He must have been what, 2'11'' tall and weighed all of 30lbs. sopping wet when we went to school with him.  When I saw his picture in the obituary it reminded me of Procol Harum's song "A Salty Dog".  It sounds as though he lived life the way he wanted, and was loved by all that knew him.  Isn't that what life is all about any way.  I only hope that I can live up to such high standards.

07/30/11 01:00 PM #6    

Jim Brown

I remember Jack was one of us 4 who went to Florida for spring break. Al Gentry, Rick Wells, Jack and I. Al drove most of the trip in my Cuda so it had to be 1973.
I didn't know him well in high school but got to know him much better in the summer of '72' and '73' He was a fun guy to hang out with. We stayed at some friends of Al's in NC on out way to Florida and Jack was really funny. He was the life of the party.
Al drove most of the way and was really moving. I forget how long that trip took but it was really fast. I think he never did under 95mph and we listened to the 8 track all the way.

Wonder what happened to Rick? I posted a little about Al and Jack on Al's profile.

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