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Glenda Mathis (Durham Mauer)

Glenda Mathis (Durham Mauer)

Glenda (Mathis) Mower

In my (Jackie Martin Campbell) quest to find as many classmates as possible, I have some sad news to share with everyone.  Glenda lost a fight with Breast Cancer in August, 2002.  I spoke to her husband Bruce, today of all things, on her 60th birthday, September 19, 2011. Apparently close to our crisis in America, 9-11-01 is when Glenda found out she had breast Cancer and fought it hard for almost a year, she died at home.  A wonderful story was told to me by Bruce.  I am sharing it with you to the best of my recollection.

Glenda was originally from the Nashville, TN area but her folks moved to MI and she ended up doing all of her schooling in Dearborn Heights. After she graduated from Lowrey, she decided to move back to TN to be with her Grandmother.  She went to college and ended up being an RN.  In 1988 she married her wonderful husband Bruce and they ended up adopting a beautiful little girl from Russia, Jessie.  Together they had 20 years and were very happy. Little Jessie was only 9 years old when her mom passed over and this year she is a Senior in High School.  Jessie is very involved in band and girls basketball.  Bruce said it was great that Glenda’s sister (Claire) lived close because all the “girl” things were sent to her!

Glenda attended the 30th Reunion from what I gather. Bruce said that is all she talked about for so long after she came back from the celebration.  She talked in depth to him about what everyone was up to now days and how their lives turned out.  It was a wonderful highlight in Glenda’s life.

Glenda was an RN, so it is believed that she absolutely knew how fast she was going.  She was determined to stay around until her favorite niece graduated.  One day Bruce woke up and didn’t find Glenda in her bed and became very concerned however, he did find her in the bathroom. She gathered the strength to take herself to the bathroom, clean herself, put on a nice dress and comb her hair and all.  It was the day of her niece’s graduation.  She told Bruce that she wanted to get dressed up so he could see her looking good once more.  After everyone left their house, Glenda and Bruce just sat at home holding each other and watching their wedding video as well as the video of their daughter in Russia and during their whole adoption process and Jessie’s growing years.  Glenda was where she wanted to be, at home, with her family and the assistance of Hospice. The next day Glenda went into a coma, she died the following day.
Glenda is survived by her loving husband Bruce and beautiful daughter Jessie. She is the oldest of eight siblings. I’m not sure if everyone is still around.  I believe most have moved back south to KY or TN.  I’m not sure about her parents.

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06/23/12 08:35 AM #1    

Diane Beneteau (Attilio)

I remember Glenda well. She was such a nice girl. I remember in particular how much she loved her little brother Daryl. RIP sweet Glenda.

Diane Attilio

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