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Alan Gentry

Alan Gentry

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08/17/09 12:22 PM #1    

Sidney Wilder

in fond memory,, i remember alan coming up to mateys littel skipper drive-in with his corvair and girlfriend which i cant remember her name(sorry). he was my best (frat)friend a greaser could have. i will miss him.

chuck wilder

08/29/09 12:46 PM #2    

Janice Lynn Cummins (Saville)

I have many fond memories of Alan. I was so sad when he passed. My senior year was filled with many good times with Alan, Val and Dan. We went to the prom together and after went somewhere out in Howell for a dinner. We got lost on our way and almost didn't make our dinner reservation time. I should mention we got lost on the way home also. Loved Alan's corvair then his Cuda' he owned. Alan was always a great guy and was quick to smile and laugh. I miss him and think of him often.
Rest in Peace Alan!

11/06/09 09:04 AM #3    

Patricia Holt (Wooten)

does anyone know what happened to him? We went to grade school and all thru high school. very nice person How come as the song goes, the good die young?

03/14/10 11:02 PM #4    

Jim Brown

Alan Gentry was on track and cross country during High School. Some of us who were on track including Don Lee, Jim Yates and I hung out at his house on Pelham occasionally. Then he moved to Merrick. Alan, Rick Wells, Jack Sargent and I went to Daytona Beach after getting out of the Marine Corp. It was around Spring Break in 1973 that we went to Daytona. Prior to this I was stationed at Camp LeJeune NC with Al after I came back from overseas. Both of us got out around the summer of 1972. Alan, Jim Yates, Don Lee, Jack Sargent and I hung out around the Heights during the summer of 1972 and into 1974. Jim Yates had a place in the north Heights and his wife Judy was a nurse like Al's wife. At the time of his funeral I was still married to Debbie Chelaydn. Debbie, Lori Muncie, Ellen Wilder, Scotty, Mike Flannigan and many others whose names elude me also used to hang out. There were many of Al's friends that were at Donnas’ parent’s house after the funeral. At the time of his death he was living on Annapolis two blocks west of Telegraph on the corner. Prior to moving back to the Heights he had lived at Wyoming and Tireman. Alan Gentry was a Pattern Maker at Ford Motor Company in Flatrock's Ford Foundry. He had a wife Donna who was a nurse but they had no children at that time. I do not know what happened to Donna.
Yes, I remember Al's Cuda. I sold my Corvette and bought one just like it in 1973 with Cragers, Gabriel High Jackers and traction bars (His was a '72'). I even bought the same color. We took my Cuda to Daytona and Al drove most of the way. In fact we stopped by Camp Lejeune and when some of our friends saw that Cuda coming down the steet they knew it was Al (They had no idea it was mine, it was so similar). Alan Gentry and Jim Yates were both good friends. I still miss them!

06/14/17 03:15 PM #5    

Valorie Winder

I still miss Alan.  Loved him in high school and still do.

Val Winder

06/15/17 06:40 PM #6    

Dorothy Hubbard (Winsten)

I miss Alan! We dated a few times. He was such a gentleman to me.

06/15/17 07:40 PM #7    

Patricia Holt (Wooten)

had a crush on him for many years,, very nice guy

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