Missing Classmates

It is crucial for us to get contact info on all of our fellow classmates, so please look over this list and pass along any info you might have about these missing classmates.  They are "missing" if we do not have either an email address or street address for them.

Perhaps you don't know their contact info, but you do know another classmate who might?  That is good information to pass long. You can send along this information by sending an email to Michael Clow, the webmaster.

Marianne Bahnmiller
Patti Bowers
Nancy Burr
Tom Edgar
Carol Farmer
Dennis Fontaine
Karen Furr
Debbie Gardner
Ralph Goich
Donald Goldsmith
Deborah Greenwell
Brenda Henderson
Lawrence Hubbard
Jennifer Hughes
Tim Hunt
Janet Hurst
Christine Johnson
David Johnson
Patricia Keleman
Sally Ann Knight
Larry Luck
Kathleen Macuga
Linda Mandrick
Isabelle McLeod
Sharon Nichols
Barbara Nunn
Carol Pazik
Janet Pedery
Charles Reed
Don Rickard
Karen Sams
Karen Schultz
Joan Sevestian
Linda Thomas
Jennie Trask
Sharon Urban
Barbara Wencel
Roberta Wiggle
David Williams
Nancy Yeager (Smith)